Monday, July 13, 2009

Post #2 (I'm not that creative this morn)

Went back to work after a week off...blase splee same shit diff uniform...enjoy

Don't Say I Didn't Warn You

1. Wanna share a salad? Split one pizza between the 5 of you? That's fine, all the while I am looking at you looking hungry.

2. 6 refills of diet pepsi equals about 41/2 regular pepsis you fat piece of shit.

3. Once again the server is not the chef...hate your food? Complain to the kitchen....& then tip the SERVER 20%

4. Whoa whoa whoa bitch! How dare you jump hurdles to "I got the check" & tip a weak ass 10%. If I see you on the street that's your ass.

5. What the hell is so impressive about a seat by a window? Bitch this isn't an airplane.

6. So you don't want a table, you hate sitting at the bar, you'd rather have a booth. You don't want a booth by the bathroom or the kitchen or children or the door. WE ONLY HAVE 14 BOOTHS IN THIS JOINT! Take your shit togo.

7. hmmm you can't taste the liquor? Quit being a cheap well liq ordering whore. Then you'd taste the liquor.


9. I've adapted this new method of parenting for parents with kids who run wild. I trip your children on purpose.

10. Wtf does little Johnny want to eat b/c him being a little shy is wasting my fucking time.

P.S. I make $2.65 p/hr love u all

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